Advanced Wireless Communications & Mobile Designs


Wireless/Broadband infrastructure solutions, and cloud connectivity services that provide a full complement of applications, products and services to customers in rural or metropolitan areas. .

Creative Concept

Internationally recognized design capability has been a pillar for the growth of Noitavonne.


Device design aesthetics, ergonomics and technology integration continue to serve as attributes that foster the innovations of the company.  Noitavonne's focus is to consistently produce niche products that are desired on a large scale and provide solution based applications.

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Intelligent IP Design

Noitavonne increases earning potential with in-house manufacturing of wireless handsets and the development of enhanced 4G LTE and 5G infrastructure equipment (antennas, access points, CPE's) accompanying its portfolio of consumer electronic products that range from mobile phones to appliances.


This feat establishes the Minority Owned USA based company as a leader in the quest of next generation connectivity.

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Product Development

The ability to provide hardware and connectivity provides a seamless, yet synergistic ability to offer services that maximize profitability for our clients and partners.


Mobile communication services, payment services, security monitoring, tracking and entertainment are a few of the service structures that are included in the Noitavonne web services implementation plan.


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Retail Deployment

Noitavonne has entered into the consumer retail market as a lifestyle brand that not only in concept, but in practice possesses the qualities necessary to garner consumers of today and tomorrow as loyal, long term brand adopters.

The style and innovative product mix that is offered, provides a foundation for growth much like that of a new age General Electric.



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Learn about how Noitavonne can help make your ideas a reality.


The company, incorporated in the State of Texas under the name Noitavonne™Inc., was founded in August of 2010 and later incorporated on February 16, 2011.  EIN: 27-5843121


Noitavonne Core Services include the development of; Connectivity Software, Mobile Hand Held Devices, Bank Credit Card Extended Service Handling Devices, Rugged Industry Terminals, Interactive Display Consoles, and Location Monitoring and fitness apparel.

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Lael Alexander's Take on Embarking on the Next Generation of Communication!


5G isn't just an incremental improvement over 4G — it's the next major evolution of mobile communication technology with performance improvements of several orders of magnitude over today's networks. 5G does not replace 4G, it simply enables a huge diversity of tasks that 4G cannot perform. 4G will continue to advance in parallel with 5G, as the network to support more routine tasks. 5G will enable services yet to be imagined, in a world where national economies are driven by sophisticated communications networks.

Our Story

Noitavonne provides consulting services to entities seeking to expand upon the its vast knowledge of product development resources. The company currently serves the Utility, Education, Hospitality and General Consumer sectors utilizing its products, expertise in the areas of system design and product development.

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Our Products

 View Noitavonne's broad range of Mobile Wireless and Health Care products, Digital Media, Data, Storage, Software, Connectivity and Consumer Electronics.

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Learn more about us by engaging our team members...


Our operations are organized into the following six business segments; Consumer Electronics Manufacturing,  Mens and Women Apparel,  Cloud Security and Payment solutions, Imaging Devices related to Health and Fitness Solutions, and the Connected Home.  These subsets will be the remaining parts of our Corporate Investment and are NOITAVONNE Inc.'s reportable segments.

Product Design

Today, hardware customization is at an all- time high and exist as the key driver in creating a vehicle that would command high yield customer retention and avoid the entrapment of having to compete with open market retail brands.

Software Design

Our Software as a Service model goes beyond current models of providing cloud-based solutions alone.  In the current market, mobile environments require for more than application level customization.  Which is why we build to suit our customers desired outcome.

Application Programming

Our applications development platform is highly adaptable, quick to deploy, fast to train and easy to use.  When integrated into our mechanical design methodology, this rapidly invokes the adoption of our software platform as an add-on benefit to our customers


Over 10 Years Proven Satisfaction in the space of Consumer Electronics manufacturing and Industrial Device Design and Manufacturing.  Over 14 Years as a systems Integrator and software design firm.




We’ve seen the shift of revenue dollars that show momentum in our current test environments that encourage a double down incentive towards promoting Company branded merchandise to the global market

Retail Logisitics

“Current Key initiatives to optimize our retail positioning in the Domestic and Foreign Markets are underway.



Preview our current innovations.

"A design isn’t finished until

somebody is using it".


- Lael  A. Alexander -

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CEO Biography


Noitavonne's Overseas operations have been re-purposed to support the Nations requirements by facilitating the manufacturing and distribution of PPE for our front line EMS Professionals.  Learn how we can help!

Positioning requires patience, poise, and persistence...So here we are... Eager to answer the call of our country in this time of need.


Contact us to find out how we may be of assistance. Download the PDF.

Challenge Accepted

PPE Readiness

EOC represents a new all-encompassing Social Ecommerce Powerhouse of complementary technologies which stands to change the way the world communicates and can be applied in so many disparate fields in multiple business sectors. With all systems fully operational, commenced sales and prepping for a nationwide launch, EOC has opened its first private equity financing.

EOC Investment Strategy

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