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Who We Are

Streamlining innovation and precision, Noitavonne boasts a rich legacy in delivering tailored solutions for companies across diverse industries. As a pioneer of advanced technology in the United States, we stand as the go-to partner for businesses seeking bespoke engineering and manufacturing.

Nestled in the energy capital of the world, our headquarters symbolize a commitment to catalyzing significant change. In 2024, Noitavonne is spearheading a pivotal movement by reshowing manufacturing processes to the United States. We empower businesses to thrive, producing cutting-edge solutions that resonate with today's dynamic consumer landscape. Partner with us, and let's shape the future of technology together.


Why Choose Noitavonne?

An annual standout at CES, Noitavonne takes pride in offering an extensive array of products, readily available for white-labeling or as part of our exclusive in-house brands. Our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of technology is matched only by the aesthetic appeal of our offerings. Notably, we proudly hold a distinction as one of three tariff-exempt companies in the United States.

At Noitavonne, excellence isn't just a promise; it's our standard. Our products not only showcase years-ahead technology but are also crafted with an emphasis on visual allure. We stand apart by delivering superior quality, competitive prices, and rapid turnaround, making us the preferred choice in the market.

Conveniently located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our full showroom invites you to explore our innovations firsthand. Come take a tour and engage in discussions about your project with our team of experts. It's worth noting that our commitment extends beyond business – everything we create is designed to help or protect people. We firmly uphold ethical standards, ensuring that our designs contribute positively to the world.

While we stay busy, we always make time for the right clients. If you have a visionary idea that aligns with our values, we invite you to reach out. Drop us a message at your convenience, and our dedicated team will be delighted to assist you on your journey of innovation.

Our History

Incorporated in the State of Texas under the name Originally founded in the state of Texas in August of 2010 Noitavonne™Inc (EIN: 27-5843121) later incorporated on February 16, 2011

Noitavonne Core Services include the development of connectivity software, mobile handheld devices, web3 services, blockchain, online banking development, bank cards, social platforms, appliances, rugged industry terminals, extended service handling devices, interactive display consoles, location monitoring, medical equipment, advanced air sterilization technology, e-bikes, and apparel!

Our Services

  • Architecture
  • Power Plant Design
  • Online Banking Development
  • Military Protective Equipment
  • Mobile Satellite Receivers
  • PPE+ Manufacturing
  • Aerospace Designs
  • Any Consumer Electronics
  • LED Boards
  • Air Sterilizers
  • Medical Equipment
  • Web3 Platforms
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Injection Molding
  • XPS Foam Machines
  • Home Appliances
  • Engineering Designs
  • White-Labeling
  • Software Development
  • Product Design
  • Application Programming
  • Cloud Security
  • Payment Solutions
  • Consulting
  • Apparel
  • Blockchains
  • Para-chains
  • Social Platforms
  • Crypto Mining Rigs
  • Web3 Voting Systems
  • Health & Fitness Products
  • Interactive Display Consoles

"Noitavonne has lived up to its name as we have continued to be at the forefront of innovation for the last 17 years"

"I am enjoying the opportunity to be part of something that is bringing positive changes to the world"

"At Noitavonne we are a big family, It's been that way for over 13 years for me. This is my life!"

"The work that my brother has crafted over the past decades is still unbelievable even to me... I am proud!"

"I find it a thrill to witness the work put forth by Lael and the team. I saw this company grow before my very eyes. Its been 17 years and its only becoming more exciting everyday"

"Every day is a thrill to be witnessing the work that has been put forth by this team, I saw this opportunity grow before my eyes, now 10 years and still a thrill"

Coleman Ferguson
Coleman Ferguson

Principal Investor

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About Noitavonne

Founded in August 2010 and officially incorporated on February 16, 2011, Noitavonne™ Inc. is a Texas-born innovator deeply rooted in the spirit of the Lone Star State. Our commitment to pushing technological boundaries and delivering cutting-edge solutions has established us as a benchmark in the industry. With a global presence spanning China and India, we lead in technology and product development, offering comprehensive solutions in software and hardware. Proudly headquartered in the USA, our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow seamless integration across the supply chain.

At Noitavonne, we don't just create products; we craft solutions that resonate with the pulse of tomorrow. Join us in harnessing the power of technology for a connected world. Our consulting services span diverse sectors, including Utility, Education, Hospitality, and General Consumer industries. As your strategic ally, we provide tailored solutions that exceed expectations, navigating the intricacies of specific industries. Noitavonne is more than a service provider; we're your partner on the path to innovation and growth.

Our Services

Our operations are organized into the following six business segments; Consumer Electronics Manufacturing, Men's and Women's Apparel, Cloud Security and Payment solutions, Imaging Devices related to Health and Fitness Solutions, and the Connected Home. These subsets will be the remaining parts of our Corporate Investment and are NOITAVONNE Inc.'s reportable segments.

Product Design

Today, hardware customization is at an all-time high and exists as the key driver in creating a vehicle that would command high-yield customer retention and avoid the entrapment of having to compete with open-market retail brands.

Software Design

Our Software as a Service model goes beyond current models of providing cloud-based solutions alone. In the current market, mobile environments require far more than application-level customization. This is why we build to suit our customers' desired outcomes. We also have over 14 Years as a systems Integrator and software design firm.

Application Programming

Our applications development platform is highly adaptable, quick to deploy, fast to train, and easy to use. When integrated into our mechanical design methodology, this rapidly invokes the adoption of our software platform as an add-on benefit to our customers.


coming into 2023 with well over a decade of proven satisfaction in consumer electronics, industrial device design, and manufacturing.


Recently, we have seen the shift of revenue dollars that show momentum in our current test environments encouraging a double-down incentive towards promoting company-branded merchandise to the global market

Retail Logistics

Current key initiatives to optimize retail positioning in domestic & foreign markets are currently being developed.

"A design isn’t finished
until somebody is using it"

- Lael A. Alexander

CEO of Noitavonne Inc

Our Process


Our applications development platform is highly adaptable, quick to deploy, fast to train and easy to use. When integrated into our mechanical design methodology, this rapidly invokes the adoption of our software platform as an add-on benefit to our customers.

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