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When it comes to innovating with technology and pushing the envelope, Noitavonne has always been at the forefront and their foray in additive manufacturing is no different. Their engineers have produced a model of a Do It Yourself Robotics using an advanced 3-D printing techniques that allow makers of all ages to prototype virtually any type of robotics and drone feature you can imagine.  Our technique is gaining popularity for its ability to make stronger components for all types of usage cases.  Welcome to a new world of Innovation, Inspired by the today.

Ennovator II

Casper Drone

Robi MechBot

3D Printer

Aerial Drone

DIY Humanoid

Launched in 2014, the Ennovator II has been the ultimate printing solutions used in Houston Texas Schools.  Now offered online at Staples.com

Following a development project for a leading drone company in China, the Noitavonne Engineering team sets it sight on Aerial Dominance.

Available in the US Consumer market by Mid June comes Robi, America's first DIY Robotics Kit.  Programmable excitement for all ages.



Unlocked Concord ELite LTE


Featuring Windows 10 and Microsoft Office Apps built in.  With the power of Windows 10, its the phone that functions like your PC.

Experience the power and benefits of Windows 10 featuring Cortana, your virtual assistant..


1.9 GHZ

OLED 5.6

Windows 10



"Sleek, Powerful and compatable with the

things you use to run your business."  Learn

more about our Latest Windows 10 LTE Device.

WorkStation 3G Data (Optional)

Release Date: June 2016 by Noitavonne

"The power of Windows 10 in the form of a tablet and a laptop." The Noitavonne WorkStation is your 2 in 1 Best in Class Choice.

Concord Elite LTE Smartphone

Available Now at participating Wholesalers and Retailers

"11.6 Inches of power and performance with options."  The Noitavonne Windows 10 Flex Tablet offers mobility and flexibility for doers on the go.

Flex Tablet LTE Windows Mobile

"A new age is upon us, and so goes traditional desktop offerings that take away the space needed to put more important things to action."

Like your coffee cup!

Companion Mini PC



Release Date: July 2016 by Noitavonne

Available Now at participating Wholesalers and Retailers


"If there is another 3D Filament Printer that competes with the Ennovator II in performance, resolution and speed at its price point, Consider the fuel expense leaving the Planet to find it....

Ennovator II by Noitavonne

The Best 3d Filament Printing Solution on the Planet!



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