The Latest Concord2016!

The Noitavonne Concord now available in both Android 5.0 and Windows 10 Mobile.  Getting

the very best out of both mobile solutions in one sleek design.  That's Noit!

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In One Innovative Noit Package!

Innovations Galore! 2016

This year is one the most exciting years we've had as a company.  Breakthrough innovations and tremendous customer response are among the things that make the 2015 tech season the Best Ever!


Support Noitavonne as we compete with the Industry Elite at upcoming CES Innovations Competition held in October.  We'll keep you posted on Social!


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It's Back!  2016 Flips

The all new Executive's Essential Flip Phone by Noitavonne.  Release date is officially set for November 25, 2016.  A smart phone that is worth flipping out for.....


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Lael Alexander and Fashion Staff

The summer is near, and with it comes the opportunity to compete in the Trendy Textile Market.  This years Summer and Fall Season will be released in June...More then..

Visit Us in Shenzhen

Seeing is believing!  Noitavonne is alive and well, and yes, It's still managed under the guidance of its founder, Lael A. Alexander.  Schedule and appointment and see for yourself.

Singapore Operation Ramp-Up

Singapore and Shenzhen are keys worth exploiting for the Noitavonne Asia Operations, our partners are key to making this years launch memorable, so much more focus will be spent in these areas.


Mobile Payment Systems

It seems that we were once again, ahead of our time and the industry's acceptance for cashless terminals, however, this trend is starting to sway back in our direction... We're Ready!

Fashion by Noitavonne

The company seeks new Executive management team to lead the expanding fashion and textile division of Noitavonne.


So far, a Senior Executive out of Southern California is expected to take the rings and usher in a new marketing approach for this asset.

Lael Alexander focuses on Shenzhen

Being a part of the local market is one thing, but I'm interested in owning a share of it.  Shenzhen has been home to Noitavonne for over 4 years now, we've grown and so has she.  Pronouncing this emergence is what's on my Agenda..  Creating a community that we can be apart of and proud of is the goal... Visit for more info.

Noitavonne Smart Retail Stores

Same store sales have declined from Q12015 to Q1 2016 due to a slowing market and dynamic manufacturing yield.  However, NSE plans to re-invent the experience by creating it's first experience store.  Renovation is set for June 2016.  More information will be provided...

Print to Win!

3D Printers gain momentum as Noitavonne enters the ecommerce space with retail partners, Amazon, Staples and Ebay.


3D printer sales have grown by 6%  in the educational market, giving insight on the early adaptors to this emerging growth sector.

Concord Takes Flight!

The F1 Concord Series is Our strongest product line yet.  Fashion and form is the essence of this years product guide.  From Stylish design to outstanding performance, the concord stands true to its Name.  Noitavonne is American Branded, but Globally received by those that align with quality and tradition.  Visit us to learn more.



Eventbrite - Concord Private Sales Event

Learn more about our exciting new products division, (Robotics by Noitavonne).  Featuring our first offering in the space.  A DIY Programmable Mechbot fit for all ages.


Support Noitavonne as we compete with the Industry Elite at upcoming CES Innovations Competition held in October.  We'll keep you posted on Social!





Keep up with Noit Social

Emperor is a Fashion Brand launched by Noitavonne's Designers this Fall.  Styled for the on the go tech fingered mover and shaker, the Emperor Black Label debuts luxury, quality and performance.  Available at participating retailers.



Noitavonne Retail Opportunities

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Noitavonne Wholesale/Reseller Opportunities

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