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Our mission is to deliver the most reliable turnkey product development and manufacturing solution which gives our clients the confidence and ability to focus on product conceptualization, distribution, marketing, and business development.

We are Noitavonne Inc. a USA and China based team of Designers, Engineers, Logistics Companies and Technicians who together make your product development experience, one that is memorable, productive and lasting..

OEM Brands

An OEM brand takes an already developed product

and puts their logo on it. This is a common method of

product development for house brands and private

labels. It requires little engineering expertise and has

a low up front cost to bring the product to market.


ODM Brands

An ODM brand creates unique products with the belief

that sales will come from creating an innovative

product of value. Unique product development has a

high up front cost and long development time, but can

lead to controllable manufacturing costs and quality

once production begins


Promotional / Advertising / Premium

Companies and brands organize product giveaways

or distribution of special products with their brand logo

applied to the product as a method of self-promotion. works with companies to create great

promotional products from conceptualization through

development to the manufacturing stages.


Communication / Education

Modern multimedia technology provides low cost and

effective ways to educate customers, students, and

anyone else with something to learn. Multimedia

devices can be customized to fit the specific needs of

any client. 88Sources managers will listen to your

requirements of usability and turn them into reality.


There are 2 basic pricing structures the we offer.


The first one is a simple buy-sell structure in which 88Sources quotes a product price to a client and the client buys the product for that price. This pricing structure is good for companies ordering a minimal number of products (below 10 different models) and doesn’t require intensive product development. If there is any up front product development required then, depending on the situation, the community of 88Sources may do some of the development work without a deposit, but at some point will require a deposit on the order to keep the product development work in motion.


The second pricing structure consists of a retainer plus a commission on the product purchases and is designed for companies that have more robust product development requirements, are doing a larger range of products, or have higher technical transparency requirements. This pricing structure has higher up front costs due to the retainer, but for companies that might otherwise need to hire their own China-based employees or open their own office in China this provides a very economical alternative.


Whenever an order is placed, before or after product development work is finished, a deposit, generally ranging from 10-50% of the total order cost, is required with the balance payment made before shipping. 88Sources can provide financing options for credit worthy clients in the US, UK, Australia, and some other first world countries



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You can learn more about investing in private placements from the SEC or FINRA.  88Sources is not a crowdfunding platform, it is a supplement to inventors who wish to utilize its service for developing and manufacturing a refined product model for the mass market or for individual purposes.


Getting Started with 88 Sources!

Get your prototype done professionally, have it immediately reviewed by mechanical engineers, and sent off to you for your own inspection and testing quickly and cost effectively. Prototype making can be done in just a few days and assembled with the PCB to give you a fully working prototype for showing customers, internal review, or testing purposes. Prototypes are great for showing clients to get order commitments before investing in expensive plastic injection tools.


For products sold through mass market retail, The 88 Source Community designs firmware that is intuitive, with useful features and pleasing graphics.


For marketing/communications campaigns, we independently, or based on the client’s functionality specifications, design firmware for the purpose of educating and/or marketing to customers. While we routinely help our clients with basic promotional product orders, 88Sources specializes in developing promotional products with tie-ins to the digital world.


For products sold through mass market retailers, we independently, or based on client’s functionality specifications, design firmware that allows end users to intuitively enjoy a product’s features.


We create product functionality to deliver a rewarding user experience, adding brand value while keeping costs within reason.


Packaging design starts with understanding the kind of environment a product will be sold in, the target consumer group, and design requirements of the brand. Shenzhen’s 88Source Community helps clients design retail packaging, retail product POS displays, alternative packaging concepts, or realization of a brand’s own design – saving customers the trouble of coordinating it themselves or using high priced companies to do what includes as part of their normal suite of services


A professionally written and designed manual is a distinguishing mark of great consumer product companies. 88Community’s experienced user manual writers who do a great job explaining the functionality of your products to your customers, whether they’re tech savvy or newbies. Many customer returns come from not fully understanding how to use a product, 88Sources uses a combination of simple and straight forward text with detailed graphics to communicate the details of how your product works.











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