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Seeing is believing!  Noitavonne is alive and well, and yes, It's still managed under the guidance of its founder, Lael A. Alexander.  Schedule and appointment and see for yourself.

Lael Alexander and Fashion Staff

The summer is near, and with it comes the opportunity to compete in the Trendy Textile Market.  This years Summer and Fall Season will be released in June...More then..

SeaWorld @ Shenzhen from the Windows of Noitavonne

Sitting from my perspective is a world of possibilities, and Shenzhen plays a big part in transitioning this dream into one that is tangible and materialized.  As one of the Top Designers in the local market of  Shekou, NetValley, I invite those that wish to see a different point of view to visit us... We are Noitavonne.

Acardios Breaths New Life

Richard Presley, CEO of Acardioz and Lael Alexander of Noitavonne has been in the work of Co-Development since 2011.  Today, new tech in the  Medical field should prove to make this matured relationship, a long lasting wealth builder.

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Noitavonne Designs Shenzhen

Sitting amongst the top companies in all of Asia is Noitavonne Designs, a branch of Noitavonne Inc USA.  This office serves as the International On-boarding and Customer Fulfillment Arm of Noitavonne throughout Asia.  Currently managed by Kelly Chen, Lead Assistant to the CEO Alexander.

Concord is Our Future Flight!

Sitting aboard the Dream Liner, CEO Alexander explains the companies new focus on its premium line of electronic products.  The Concord Series by Noitavonne, offers a competitive price point with out relinquishing the rings of quality.  High end leathers, precious metals, advance mechanics and an award

winning designer seems to be the innitial recipe.  But leave it to our CEO to dream up the Edge play in a catagory that is near and dear to his heart.... WEARABLES.

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Mobile Payment Systems

It seems that we were once again, ahead of our time and the industry's acceptance for cashless terminals, however, this trend is starting to sway back in our direction... We're Ready!

Singapore Operation Ramp-Up

Singapore and Shenzhen are keys worth exploiting for the Noitavonne Asia Operations, our partners are key to making this years launch memorable, so much more focus will be spent in these areas.


Last Year's (0)

"Being the first to crack the egg at the Nations Leading Retail Giant hasn't paid off in ROI's for the company," says CEO Lael A. Alexander.


This year our focus is E-commerce in a much broader since.

Your Bags Our Tags

Noitavonne Traveler Series offers a new way to insure that you and your bags will arrive at the same place even if it happens to be at a different time.  GPS modules have been placed in the handles of all our new luggage for 2016 along with digital scales for passenger convienience.  "We know what's important to travelers... We have the same needs".

Three years ago, I created a blog entitled, 1 Day on the other side of 40.  Interestingly enough, It unfolds a gift of thought and vision about who we are and what people are capable of.  The article described how at that point in my life, very little could affect me, my company, or my well being.  It was a comfortable place to be, primarily because in my life's work was peace and justification.


Today, the tranquility that once embodied my work at Noitavonne is being constantly challenged, by those who have learned from the journey and who are now set to replace the lead actor in the Story of Noitavonne.


To these people, i utter only this phrase.... "I've Built It on Faith, and you can't tear it down".  Noitavonne maybe changing its slogan, but our values remain.  We're nolonger doing it different..."BETTER"...

Print to Win!

3D Printers gain momentum as Noitavonne enters the ecommerce space with retail partners, Amazon, Staples and Ebay.


3D printer sales have grown by 6%  in the educational market, giving insight on the early adaptors to this emerging growth sector.

Lael Alexander focuses on Shenzhen

Being a part of the local market is one thing, but I'm interested in owning a share of it.  Shenzhen has been home to Noitavonne for over 4 years now, we've grown and so has she.  Pronouncing this emergence is what's on my Agenda..  Creating a community that we can be apart of and proud of is the goal... Visit for more info.

Fashion by Noitavonne

The company seeks new Executive management team to lead the expanding fashion and textile division of Noitavonne.


So far, a Senior Executive out of Southern California is expected to take the rings and usher in a new marketing approach for this asset.

Noitavonne Smart Retail Stores

Same store sales have declined from Q12015 to Q1 2016 due to a slowing market and dynamic manufacturing yield.  However, NSE plans to re-invent the experience by creating it's first experience store.  Renovation is set for June 2016.  More information will be provided...